#251. July 31st, 2013: Steph

“Stebanie!” is what I used to call her when I was a kid. Now, I call her the best sister in the entire universe, someone who has always stuck by my side through everything in my entire life. Growing up, though, we definitely had our moments 🙂 From arguing over which board game to play (that is if she played at all), to who was right and who was wrong about pretty much everything. Although through it all, I have always, ALWAYS, loved her and looked up to her. I remember in elementary school I thought she and her middle school friends were SO cool, and I even had a crush on a few of her friends 🙂 She has always been that way for me though. She’s one of the most honest and genuine people I’ve ever met, truly. Steph tells it how it is, in a good way, and will always speak the truth. She’s someone who I can trust and someone who I can always share a laugh and a smile with. With Steph, I feel like someone is always looking out for me. I love our inside jokes, after all, we have a lifetime of them 🙂 I think one of my favorite things about Steph is how fun she is to travel with. I honestly don’t think I could have survived being an only child – having her there to talk with and annoy was just too much fun! 🙂 I remember going to the market down the street in Paris with her to get bread and cheese for our picnic, and I remember sitting in a small tent in Africa with her as she told me the get the scorpion out of her bed. I remember the night before she left for college, I cried and cried and wrote an entry in my journal actually. It hit me hard that night how much I would miss her in the room next to me, with me always asking her what song she was playing because I loved her music. I remember telling her I was gay and how she helped me tremendously through that experience and has ever since. Steph is honestly one of the most quality, loving, caring, and compassionate people on this planet. Beneath her expert sarcasm is just this wonderful and spectacular human being and I am so proud to call her my sister. Steph is my best friend. She’s someone I can tell pretty much anything to, and she’s someone I can go to for advice. I will always remember that she has crazy good handwriting and that she can blow through books like they’re candy. She’s just fun to be around and fun to laugh with 🙂 I know this is all rambled but it’s just so interesting describing your own sister! She’s STEPH! ESTEEEEPHA! She’s the one and only sibling I have and someone who’s love and support I will cherish until the day I die. The memories and moments that Steph and I have shared would make a novel and I love that 🙂 Steph, thank you so much for dealing with the mushy parts of this since I know they probably made you roll your eyes 🙂 Thank you for always being there for me and thank you for always listening to what I have to say, even if it’s ridiculous. Thank you for all of our chats we’ve had when traveling the country, for being my hotel room buddy on vacations, and for making me feel loved when no one else could. Thank you for all of our ridiculous moments as a kid, like making me dance to the lion king as a baby. Thank you for your fantastic sense of humor and for being the first person I called when I made Varsity as a freshman. Thank you for always being to the left of me on car rides to LA and thank you for always being able to humble me when I truly need it 🙂 Thank you for sometimes giving me the ipod player and for always being someone I look up to 🙂 Thank you for showing me that crazy show Catfish. Thank you for showing me the true definition of family and for keeping the Santa secret from me for so long 🙂 Thank you for helping with the leprechaun houses and for just being the best sister in the world. Thank you for being the incredible, magnificent, modest, ambitious, never-gives-up sister that you are. Thank you for being you 🙂 I love you so much and always will 🙂

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