#250. July 30th, 2013: Steffen Chen

Calling Steffen today was so much fun! He has always been such a genuine and modest friend and today certainly proved that once more. Steffen is truly the definition of a quality man. He has always shown such respect and understanding for those around him and I have admired that about him since we met. In ASB in high school, Steffen always struck the balance between getting his work done and bringing humor and a fun atmosphere into the room (cough Mr. Smiley, cough). He could always make me laugh and he could absolutely always make any day into a better and more happy one. He was hands down a huge role model all over campus, from inside the ASB room to the wrestling team. He leads by example and has always shown such integrity with everything he does. Steffen was a big inspiration for me going through high school. People trusted Steffen, could always have fun with him, could talk seriously with him about anything, and knew that they would be accepted in his eyes. He’s still that way and that’s awesome 🙂 Steffen, thank you so much for always having such a realistic mixed with optimistic attitude on life. It’s refreshing and you have always been such fun to have around. Thank you for your hilarious sense of humor and for making ASB a blast! Thank you for being a great influence in so many people’s lives and thank you for just being the rockstar guy that you are!

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