#238. July 18th, 2013: Jake Low

One of the best parts of this experience has been reconnecting with people who I haven’t spoken to in awhile. When I called Jake, it had been about 7 years since we last had a full conversation. That’s crazy! The best part though is that it felt like I had talked with him just the other day and he was still the genuine, caring, and confident man that he was back then. Jake is honestly such a phenomenal guy and friend and anyone who has him in their lives is definitely lucky. I remember going through 7th grade with him as one of my closest friends and I vividly remember giving him a huge hug at his 8th grade graduation. I remember being so happy to call him my friend, so happy for him to be heading to high school, but also sad that I wouldn’t have him their next year. Nonetheless, I am so happy that today we can still catch up and that he’s still incredible. Thank you so much Jake for being there for me during that year and for just being the rockstar that you are! Thanks for catching up with me and for just being the fantastic man that you are!

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