#235. July 15th, 2013: Andrew Adams

When you look up the word genuine in the dictionary, Andrew Adams is the first to pop up. He’s also in there under the words integrity, kindness, and compassion. Andrew is seriously one of the best people that I know. Best in the sense that he has so much spirit, enthusiasm, and passion for living. He has such a beautiful life and walks around every single day with such a powerful smile on his face. Andrew is unbelievably caring and always willing to help out with any situation. He won Mr. GW this year because he literally is the best thing to happen to GW. He’s always supporting everyone and program on campus and devotes his time to helping others in so many ways. He is extremely selfless and is always thinking about the people in his life. Words cannot express how happy and proud I am of him as well for being who he is and for living such a courageous and admirable life. He’s an inspiration to so many people and he’s absolutely a role model to me. His honesty and friendliness is unmatched and the warmth he gives off extends so much further than just a hug. Andrew is always giving words of encouragement and to be honest, just his presence makes you happy and welcome πŸ™‚ Andrew is such a quality individual and I am so honored to know him and call him my friend. Andrew, thank you so much for the bright light you give off every day and shoot out into this world. Thank you so much for your positivity and marvelous outlook on life. Thank you so much for being so involved and for inspiring so many of us to chase our passions. Thank you so much for being my friend and for being such an honorable man. Thank you for being such an incredible sweet and loving human being and just thank you so much for being you πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, and happy birthday πŸ™‚ Thank you for everything Andrew πŸ™‚

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