#232. July 12th, 2013: Today’s Taxi Driver

Today was an incredibly spontaneous day. After working since 6 AM, I immediately picked up with TEDxFoggyBottom work. That landed me on the phone with the Human Rights Campaign, and that landed me a meeting 2 hours later to discuss reception space. I was crunched for time and had to take a cab, and so that landed me in the taxi with the coolest driver. Not only was he the nicest guy ever, but when we got stuck in traffic, he went all Italian Job / Mini Cooper on me! We went down crazy tiny alleys, literally skidded through a lot at one point, and twisted our way through the city and he got me there on time. The whole way when we would make tight turns I would be his eyes on his blind spot and it was just so much fun saying “someone on your right!” and “a little left or you’re not going to make it!” Overall, it was such a batman experience and I loved it. Thank you driver from today for making me so happy and for making some batman wishes come true! Thank you for making a quick trip so fun and for just being a great driver!

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