#229. July 9th, 2013: Krystal Lee

Krystal Lee is my wonderful and incredible hairdresser here in DC. She’s been cutting my hair ever since about the first month of my freshman year here at GW and has always been so kind and fun to talk to. She’s someone who I see probably once a month and yet I never have given her the thanks that she deserves. I’m sure most people come in and get their hair cut and then leave without talking to her. Krystal is honestly such a spectacular woman and I’m so thankful to have developed a relationship with her over the years. Krystal, thank you so much for giving me time each month to just relax and unwind. Thank you for dealing with me when I laugh hysterically when I get my hair washed in the beginning and thank you overall for just being such a phenomenal human being 🙂

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