#228. July 8th, 2013: Drew Nichols

There’s these things in life called weddings, and at these weddings there’s these things called a best man. Then there’s this person named Drew Nichols. You do the math 🙂 Drew Nichols is one of the best and most quality men on this earth. Never will you meet a more genuine human being who loves to cuddle, golf, and snuggle. When I first officially met Drew, I left feeling like he thought I was the most awkward person ever. Months later, Drew is my best friend and I have had some incredible talks and memories with him that I might never get to have with anyone else. Drew is incredibly understanding. He’s always there to listen and he will always be there to give clear and sound advice. The amount of times that he and have gone to grab burger and ended up spending hours at the place (usually Bobby’s) is too many to count. I have had the privilege to learn so much about him and what he cares about and it’s so wonderful to see and be a part of his compassionate and exciting life. One of my absolute favorite adventures with Drew was when we spent hours writing our diversity circles with each other. I felt so comfortable and welcomed when asking him for help and sharing with him everything about my past. Drew is unmatched when it comes to his ability to make you feel loved. Everything you say will be respected and he has such a beautiful perspective on life’s struggles and happiness. Drew pretty much got me through each Diversity Circle during CI. Each time that I was about to go up on stage I would feel a squeeze of his hand, a reassuring gesture that calmed my nerves completely. Drew has been my rock. If it’s a Friday night and I just feel life relaxing, Drew is there for me. If I feel like doing a little indoor golfing with some exciting predictions involved, Drew is there, putter in hand 🙂 Drew is seriously the friend that everyone needs. He’s honest, his kindness levels are off the charts, and he hugs as if there’s no tomorrow. He cares so deeply about those around him in life and he always has something insightful to say. He’s a perfect button-er for Cap Forums and he is absolutely a peacemaker in any situation. Drew just makes people happy by existing. It’s a simple as that. Drew, thank you so much for everything you do in your life. Thank you so much for all the burger runs and for all the times we’ve “putted for our destiny.” Thank you so much for always making me laugh and smile and thank you for always helping me see through the clouds of life and into the clear sky that is your perspective on everything. Thank you so much for listening to me when I’ve needed to talk and thank you so much for everything you’ve shared with me. I have absolutely LOVED learning about you and your passion for leading a gorgeous and spectacular life. Thank you so much for being my friend and for showing me what trust and mutuality means in a relationship. Thank you so much for all of the kind words you’ve given me and for always having something nice to say. Thank you for just being you, Drew 🙂 Look at him and you won’t see it, talk with him and you might hear it, but walk with him, and he’ll show you that he’s one of the phenomenal and superb friends you could ever ask for in life. Drew, you’re one in a million 🙂

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