#227. July 7th, 2013: Lisa Francis

I’ve had the great privilege of doing and seeing some incredible things in my life, but nothing really compares to having Lisa Francis as a friend. When you’re around Lisa, all is right in the world. She makes things right. She makes things positive. And we all know and appreciate the fact that Lisa can make every single thing in the world funny πŸ™‚ Lisa is one of the most phenomenal women on this planet. Complete with beautiful eyes that shine her kindness on everyone, Lisa is always on the lookout for those who need help. She walks around her life with open arms, always willing to give a hug to anyone and everyone. And let me tell you, those hugs are freakin’ fantastic. They make you feel at home, safe, and comforted. Lisa is literally the Queen at listening to you when you need it and at making you feel happy and in the presence of someone who truly cares. There is nothing mean about her and I’ve literally only heard her say incredible things about the people in her life. With that, I want to mention how much I admire her love for her parents. Never have I met someone so thankful for the people who have taken care of her throughout her life and seeing that mutual relationship between them is magical. Lisa is truly a giver. She gives and gives and gives. She gives her heart to those who need warmth and shelter. She gives her compassionate words and personality to everyone she meets. Lisa is unbelievably genuine with everything she does and she makes every interaction feel special and unique. Talking with her today when I thanked her was one of the most fun things in the world πŸ™‚ I was immediately reminded of her modesty and her ability to compliment you when all you want to do is thank and compliment HER! πŸ˜€ Lisa, you are seriously one of the most caring and meaningful friends that I have at GW and I am honored and truly blessed to know you and call you a friend. Thank you so much for these past months on Cabinet together and for being the world’s best buddy!!! Thank you so much for opening up to all of us and for making us all laugh when we needed it. Thank you for giving us one of the most powerful diversity circle’s yet and thank you for making us appreciate what matters most; the friendships and relationships that we have with the people in our lives. Thank you for your gorgeous smile and your even more beautiful passion for helping and comforting everyone in this world. Thank you for your jokes and your superb sense of humor. Thank you for being there when I need you as you have truly ALWAYS been there for me and so many others. Thank you for being such an inspiration and role model to every single person you interact with. Thank you for being in my life and for making me proud to be who I am. Thank you for being the selfless and exquisite human being that you are πŸ™‚ Thank you for just being you, because YOU, Lisa, are the most beautiful woman to walk this planet and not a single person on this planet disagrees with me πŸ™‚ Done and done.

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