#218. June 28th, 2013: SCOTUS

This has been one of the most incredible weeks for American history and gay rights. With the rulings on DOMA and Prop 8, I can now get legally married in my home state and have access to benefits and be treated as an equal citizen in regard to my marriage. With the many more results of these rulings, perhaps the most important to note is just the fast paced change in our culture in America. With that I look to the Supreme Court and say thank you so so so so much to the 5 Justices who voted and changed the course of history forever. Thank you to them for standing up for what is right and thank you to them for setting a powerful example to the rest of the country. I honestly cannot explain how happy I am right now. Seeing the city of Washington as well as the entire country react to the rulings on Wednesday was overwhelmingly beautiful and I feel so loved and supported. Thank you again to the Supreme Court for making history this week and for doing the right thing. I saw it best online the other day: “I love gay people! Or as I like to refer to them; people.” 🙂

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