#214. June 24th, 2013: Derek

Tonight I went to hot yoga and my oh my was it incredible and super necessary. I went a bunch last summer and a bit during high school, but this was the first time I’ve gone back this summer. Our instructor was Derek and he was absolutely fantastic. He was super energetic and passionate about what he does and everything he said hit the nail of life on the head. He would talk about how we need to live in this moment now and how we have to appreciate the now as it’s the only thing guaranteed. Ahh! Everything he said was great and even the routine we did for all 75 minutes was phenomenal and intense. Derek was one of my favorite instructors I’ve ever had and he was just a superstar. Derek, thank you so much for making this Monday night spectacular and for giving me the opportunity to release all of my stress and thoughts, especially with CI 3 starting tomorrow. Thank you so much for giving me 75 minutes of an intense work out and thank you so much for just giving me some time to reflect and reconnect with my mind and body. Thank you so much for what you do and know that you are great at it 🙂

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