#212. June 22nd, 2013: The McD Parents

With each CI I end up getting to thank a few people in advance because I want to completely invest myself in each session. With that, during CI, I get to look for the good in people and think about who I want to thank 🙂 This past CI, I had one of the best conversations with two incredible parents and human beings. I saw them sitting at a table and decided to go say hello. We immediately started talking about some aspects of GW and then they asked me about the respect and acceptance for the LGBT community. I smiled and started to tell them my thoughts on it and they mentioned in passing that their son was gay and that they really wanted to be sure he would be okay. The best thing though, is that they are completely behind him. They told me the story of their reaction to it and just how much they both love him so much. They told me about how they don’t even think about it anymore and how wonderful they think our generation is for being so open. The weirdest thing is that they resembled my parents in almost every way. They acted like such a beautiful couple and the Dad is an attorney like mine. They have a daughter too and the age difference is the same as me and my sister. It was crazy. They both were so kind and compassionate and just so deeply invested in the happiness and well being of their son, but also in the independence of their son. They seem to be letting him live his own life and I love that 🙂 Anyway, the reason why I have outlined this whole story is because I want to say thank you to them. Thank you both so much for the fantastic interaction we had and for being such supportive and welcoming parents. Thank you for opening up to me and for making my day awesome! Thank you for being the remarkable people that you are 🙂

2 thoughts on “#212. June 22nd, 2013: The McD Parents

    Any fears and concerns we may have had have been put to rest. Jack and all of 2017 are in great hands with bright successful futures ahead. 😃

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