#207. June 17th, 2013: Mr. Lockhart

When I was a freshman in high school, I remember stepping onto the soccer field for the first day of tryouts and being so incredibly nervous. I didn’t know what the players would be like and I was unsure of how the coaching staff would be too. However, within minutes of hearing Mr. Lockhart speak about the timeline for the day, the goal for the the season, and his idea and passion for being a coach, I was completely reassured and I knew that Mr. Lockhart was going to play a significant role in my life. 5 years later, he absolutely has 🙂 Lockhart has been there for me through so many different situations, both good and bad, and he has always reminded me to keep a clear perspective. He is one of the most down to earth and realistic people I have met and he truly is a mentor, a leader, and a second dad to me. Lockhart also has a phenomenal sense of humor, one that transfers to the whole team and allows us all to have such a fun time on and off the field while being serious and winning. Some examples of jokes include, you have the noodle dream? “That’s so … goofy,” YAHTZEE! and many many more. On a serious note, Lockhart is someone who has taught me to be a better man and to love unconditionally. I remember him being so accepting and helpful when I came out and I appreciate that so very much. Lock has taught me to play the game of soccer in incredible ways and he has taught me the true value of team. He has taught me to be a better leader and he has shown me the pathway to being a quality human being. Lock is also one of the best dads in the business and he has shown me, by leading by example, what it means to be a great father. Lockhart, thank you so much for always being able to make me laugh till I cry and thank you so much for teaching me the value of always being able to see the positive side of life. Thank you for always laughing when someone gets hit in the nuts, and thank you for all of your wonderful phrases and sayings that you use on the field. Thank you so much for being a mentor in my life and for being someone who I can trust and for being such a phenomenal human being. Thank you for all of the lunch periods when we watched awesome soccer videos as a team and the occasional Terry Tate videos too 🙂 Thank you so much for playing such an important role in my life and thank you for just being the rockstar that you are 🙂

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