#198. June 8th, 2013: Urban Cashier

Today was a wonderful day 🙂 I spent it with some absolutely wonderful people and just had a fantastic time all together 🙂 At one point during the day, I found myself in Urban Outfitters. After making it through the line, I stepped up to the next available cashier and I immediately knew she was the coolest. She was this adorable woman who was short and smiley and happy. She had these awesome glasses and earrings and the best part was that she had a tattoo on her shoulder that was slightly showing. I asked her what it meant since it was in spanish and I couldn’t see all of it. She said it meant “more than beyond” and that she applies it to everything she does in life. Done. I was so excited and happy when she explained it to me. I told her I loved her tattoo and thank you for being so kind. She really was so awesome. So thank you to her for not only having such a great message, but also for being helpful and smiley and willing to engage in conversation. Thank you so much to her for adding to the beauty of my day 🙂

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