#197. June 7th, 2013: Marley Rashad

If you know Marley then you know that you have been graced with the friendship of someone truly spectacular. Marley is one of those special young women who just never ceases to amaze you. Let’s begin. Marley has the best hair ever. Marley’s smile is not only gorgeous, but it’s also unbelievably contagious and can make any room brighter. Marley has such a phenomenal sense of humor and knows exactly how to not take things personally and how to make light of any situation. Seriously though, Marley can make anything bad into something hilarious and she can always get you to laugh and smile when you need it most. Marley is incredibly inclusive and knows how to make everyone feel welcome and loved. I’ve gotten to know a few other members of her sorority and naturally they all love her just like everyone does 🙂 Marley isn’t afraid to step outside of her comfort zone and take risks. She just studied in Madagascar for goodness sake 🙂 She is the life of the party and she is also a fantastic listener and someone who will be there when you need her. She has so much love and compassion and is so diligent and dedicated as well. Marley, thank you so much for giving me so many superb memories from such a ridiculously flamboyant and fabulous summer 🙂 Thank you so much for making me happy and for being the beautiful person that you are. Thank you so much for just being in my life and for being you and owning it 🙂

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