#192. June 2nd, 2013: Six Flags Woman

Today we were all surprised and taken to Six Flags!!! It was honestly so well planned and we all had no idea it was happening, so great job to CIHQ for that 🙂 Anyway, we spent the whole day there, going on rides and just having an overall blast. Toward the end of our adventures, I met this woman who was taking pictures for people at the front of the park as part of her job. She asked me if we were here on a class field trip or something and so I explained it all and we kept talking. She was unbelievably kind and just by listening to her you could tell she had such a great outlook on life and probably had so many stories. I thanked her for all of her work and her constant ability to put on a smile for the good of everyone coming in the park. As someone who worked at SeaWorld years ago, I know how that can be dealing with hundreds of… Americans… each and every day 🙂 I thanked her for her compassion and for just making my day 🙂 So, thank you to her for being a wonderful person who I may have only known for 15 minutes in my life, but still is someone who made me happy and had an impact, no matter how big or small 🙂

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