#187. May 28th, 2013: SHS Woman :)

Today I went to Student Health Services after a weekend of utter chaos in regard to my health. I really needed to get checked out and figure out what’s going on. When I got to the front desk, the woman at the front told me very kindly that today was basically all booked with appointments, and that you need to make an appointment to be seen. Naturally, I felt a bit defeated and didn’t know how to respond. She asked me again about how I was feeling and what I was doing here this summer and after my explanation, she told me to sit tight for a minute or two. When she came back, she told me that she had found someone who could squeeze me in for a quick visit. I immediately smiled and thanked her a million times and I can honestly say that it was so wonderful of her to do so because after getting checked out I got antibiotics and am on my way to feeling better. She was so helpful and understanding and polite and I am so appreciative of that. It’s funny too because when I was sitting there waiting I was thinking about who to thank today for my project and when she told me the news and I smiled, inside it all clicked 🙂 Thank you to her for being so kind and fantastic and for making a long and tough day just a bit better with exceptional service. Thank you so much! 😀

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