#186. May 27th, 2013: Those who served, and those serving now.

On the metro today, I got the chance to thank a man who served in our Armed Forces for his effort and valiance. I also had the pleasure of reading a friend’s blog post today that not only made me cry, but it also just made me so thankful and appreciative, in a new way, for those who have served us in the past, those who serve us right now, and those who will serve us in the future. I cannot express my gratitude enough to you all for your bravery and selflessness that allows me to do what I do every single day. Thank you so much for protecting our country and thank you so much for making me so proud to live in this wonderful country. Thank you for the incredible sacrifice you have all made and thank you for serving so that I can live my life peacefully and happily. You all are phenomenal individuals, and having just one day to celebrate you is not enough, but know that we all think about and respect the work you do for us every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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