#183. May 24th, 2013: Iba

I once heard the phrase “anonymous extraordinaries” and I have loved it ever since. There are so many frontmen and people in the spotlight, but behind them are thousands of anonymous extraordinaries. Iba is one of them. Iba is my favorite barista here at the main Starbucks on GW’s campus. He almost always works the overnight shifts (since ours is 24/7) and he always tries his best despite the cranky college students who come in. Iba and I have known each other now since my freshman year and ever since we have just clicked. He has such a serene face and a very bright smile, and he never fails to make me happy when I see him. Take today, for instance, when I walked in holding more than I could handle, when I’m sick, and when I have just hit my head really hard on the ground during skit practice and coming near to a concussion (I’m feeling alright Mom if you’re reading this!) He saw me and as he normally does, waved me over as in “don’t worry about it.” I got to have my chocolate milk and coffee cake for free and he asked me if I was alright. When I said “I’m fine” he knew I was lying and asked me again. I told him the truth and even just his fist bump of “I got you” has made today better. Iba, thank you so much for being a part of my life. You truly have made an impact in the way I see things and the way I appreciate people. Thank you for always being so friendly and for also always just being so honest. Thank you for your care and comfort, and thank you for just being an incredible and fantastic individual in general. I’m honored to know you. Thank you again for everything Iba, and I’m sure I’ll see you back in there soon 🙂

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