#179. May 20th, 2013: Matt Allen

Remember the name Matt Allen, because you’re going to see it all over the news in a few years. Matt is a remarkably intelligent and quality man that I have known for what seems like my entire life. I think we met in Kindergarden? Either way, it was a long time ago. And here’s the thing: Matt has not once failed at being the most genuine and kind guy that I know. Never have I heard anything mean come out of his mouth and never have I heard him disrespect anyone. Matt is seriously such an incredible man. He comes from two of the nicest and smartest parents and he himself is just incredibly compassionate and caring. Matt just spent 3 semesters abroad in London and I have no doubt he kicked as much butt there as he does here. Matt is also just one of the most sincere friends you’ll have in life. He’s always got your back and he has a smile on his face at all times. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. One of my favorite memories with Matt was at one of his birthday parties. First off, it’s important to point out that Matt had easily the best birthday parties growing up. There would always be some incredible science adventure of some sort, great people who are all still my friends to this day, and of course, lots of delicious candy and food 🙂 Now, as for the memory, I remember Matt telling us all to be excited for the “simulator” that he was going to have at his party and oh my goodness it was the best. His dad had us all lie on the bed looking up and around the room and he projected incredible REAL space pictures and scenes on the white walls as if we were on a space ship. It was the coolest, thing, ever. Matt, thank you so much for that wonderful time and for all of the excellent memories over the years. Thank you for always being so positive and modest and for just being a phenomenal role model. Thank you for being in my life and for being my friend 🙂

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