#171. May 12th, 2013: Mom

There’s no right way to start this, so I think I’ll begin by saying Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mom, and that I love you more than anyone I know. I love everything about you. The way you take care of Steph and I, the way you answer the phone when I call, the way you laugh and smile, and the way you love Dad. I love it how we have inside jokes, like the “jiminy christmas” guy to name one, and I love it how you are my friend. I love how I feel so safe with you and how you cry at the end of movies 🙂 In fact, whenever you cry, I usually cry. I love how you love elephants and how you love our dogs more than your children 🙂 I love how you obsessed you are with volunteering. I love how your closet is filled with hundreds of sweatshirts and thousands of shoes. I love how you offer so much to everyone around you and yet you rarely ask for anything in return. I love how everyone who knows you loves your energy and your vibrance and the way you make everyone feel welcomed and happy. I love how you told me today that you loved the song “Same Love” and I love that we are at a place where we can talk about things like that. I love and appreciate so much the fact that you love me for who I am and that I am still able to come home every break because I know friends who don’t have that acceptance. I love how you send me articles that you think I’ll love and I love how you use “…” at the end of text messages and how you don’t realize how your punctuation can come across 🙂 I love how you love horses and all animals. I love when in high school, I could always count on coming home and seeing you on the couch with one light, a book in your hand, and a dog on your lap 🙂 I love how you have so many friends from your childhood that you still keep in touch with. Most of all though, is that I love that I am your son. I love that you are my mom and I cherish and am so thankful for that everyday. You are an incredible woman Mom 🙂 You are so generous with your time and you make everyone laugh and feel happy. You make every adventure so fun and exciting and I can think of millions of memories on family vacations that make me smile so big simply because you were there. I remember one in particular when we were in Venice and you didn’t want to touch those pigeons. Finally, we got you to put your arm out and just when you thought nothing would happen, it happened 🙂 One landed on your arm and you laughed so hard. Dad got a picture of it and it’s one of my favorite photos of all time 🙂 You make me so proud to call you my Mom 🙂 You are so compassionate and loyal, so giving and open to new experiences. When I told you and Dad that I was gay, I expected the worst, and hoped for the best, just because I had no stories to lean on. What I got was more than the best. What I got was you and Dad offering nothing but understanding and unconditional love and for that I will always be grateful. The fact that I can come to you about a man that I like still leaves me speechless. I am so fortunate to have a mother like you, and I wish everyone had someone as special and kind as you are 🙂 You make our house a home. In high school, you made all my friends always ask for a Doyle Family Dinner, because they knew we had a welcoming home. You comfort me when I need it, you make me happy when I need it, and you encourage me when I need it most. You and Dad are behind me, every step of the way, and now that I’m in college, 3,000 miles away, I still know you’re there, and you still are by my side. Mom, I think about how amazing you are every single day, and you deserve posts and calls and in person thank yous every single day for the rest of your life. Mom, thank you so much for being the phenomenal woman that you are. Thank you for all of the drives to soccer practices, all of the times you have listened when I have whined and complained. Thank you for always believing in me and for supporting me with everything that I do. Thank you for being my light when everyone and everything seems so dark. Thank you for all of the batches of cookies that you’ve made me, the care packages you’ve sent, and the letters you sent me when I was at camp 🙂 Thank you for dealing with that woman with me at my bar Mitzvah practices and laughing with me that first time together 🙂 Thank you for giving me a lifetime of happiness, opportunity, and sheer joy. Thank you for giving me the gift of having you as my mom. You are the most beautiful person that I know, and I will never stop telling people how proud I am to have you as my mom until the day I die. I love you so very much Mom, and I always always always will 🙂 Thank you for being my north star and thank you for giving the best hugs. Thank you for being clueless of my surprise to you this weekend, and thank you for today; it was wonderful 🙂 Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. I am so grateful to have you as my Mom, and I always will be 🙂

1 thought on “#171. May 12th, 2013: Mom

  1. Bri, We are all so lucky to have you in our family. We thank you for being who you are and giving us all so much pleasure!!!!!

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