#167. May 8th, 2013: Ross Rattanasena

Ross is someone that just makes you smile 🙂 When you think of how awesome he is, or when you see him on the street, he just makes you happy and he definitely gives the best and strongest hugs. I’ve known Ross since the first week of college and he has been a friend ever since. I remember going to those beginning-of-the-year-freshman frat parties with him and feeling so hilariously awkward but excited to be in the moment. I even remember a moment at one party where we were standing together and chatting and some guy leaned over the rail and basically yelled/asked if we were gay, and the entire backyard went silent. Then, both of us with a smile on our face, replied with a “Yes we are!” We had a bunch of classes together and just bonded a bunch and ahh I just think Ross is the man. Ross is unbelievably talented and intelligent, and of course, he’s incredibly modest about it. He sees all these crazy speakers and goes to all these cool events and is just a wonderful person. He’s always helpful and willing to listen. He’s kind, compassionate, and just an all-around rockstar. Ross, you are seriously such a role model to so many people and you need to know that. You’re a phenomenal man and I am so happy to have you in my life. Thank you so much for being such a great friend and for being there for me throughout the entirety of college thus far. Can you believe we’re almost juniors?! Thank you so much for being such a caring and loving guy and thank you so much for being the superhero that you are. Thank you so much for making me laugh and feel happy whenever I see you and thank you for just being who you are and for being so proud and humble. Also, I’m wondering if you still have that screenshot from that one status you made years ago? 🙂 Anyway, thank you again Ross, for everything 🙂

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