#159. April 30th, 2013: Professor Roger Whitaker

Roger Whitaker is by far my favorite professor at GW. Hands down. I remember the first class we had with him and I was immediately entranced by the stories he had to share. This man has been EVERYWHERE on this planet! 🙂 I actually remember him saying that he tries to make the number of countries he’s visited higher than his age, and I think that’s awesome. Professor Whitaker also has such a phenomenal way of teaching. He promotes discussion and open dialogue and allows for everyone to speak and have a say. We discuss such interesting topics and different styles of leadership and we get to listen to and tell stories all the time. It’s by far the class I have been most engaged in since college started and I appreciate his style so much. it’s funny because our class is about principles of ethical leadership and it’s so clear the he is an incredible leader. He portrays most of the qualities we talk about in class and he just in general seems to have lived such an exquisite life. He is RICH beyond belief with stories and experiences and when he shared those with us it was fantastic. He inspired me to be a better person and to continue forward with my passions. Even today when I visited him in office hours he made me feel welcome and comfortable and supported. I also love the way he focus on the quality of your work rather than when it was turned in. He knows we have busy lives and that because of that we should take our time on our work and complete it with care. Anyway, I just want to reiterate that Professor Whitaker is a remarkable man and I am so fortunate to have had him as a professor. He is a mentor and a storyteller and if I wrote a blog post on just his stories, from Mandela’s daughter to his wife in the Peace Corps, it would be made into a novel. Professor Whitaker, thank you so much for making this semester so enjoyable and for making me so excited to come to class. Thank you so much for commenting on the Before I Die Wall and for having such a great sense of humor. I hope your knee is better and that you can finally take the stairs and not the elevator 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and time with us! Thank you for a great semester overall!

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