#155. April 26th, 2013: Jason Segal

Over a year ago, I asked Jason if could he get me just the audio of a performer we had at TEDxYouth@SanDiego. In less than a few hours, he sent it to me and it’s playing as I write this πŸ™‚ The album on that song is Jason Segal Rocks! πŸ™‚ Jason is something different. He has a smile that can light up a room but one that can also make everything seem so real and present. His presence alone makes you feel special and welcomed. He makes you feel like you matter and that the world is beautiful. He is extremely mature and carries himself with such integrity and he is ridiculously down to earth. He goes with the follow, stopping to smell the flowers and to appreciate the beauty around him. Jason is also incredibly talented, having make tons of videos that are such fantastic quality, a few of which have made me tear up πŸ™‚ Jason is undeniably dedicated to everyone he cares about in his life and has such strong and wonderful relationships with the people he loves. Oh, don’t even get me started about how phenomenal he is when it comes to taking care of his girlfriend. My goodness does he deserve an award. They both do. Anyway, Jason is also one of the strongest guys I’ve met, having already gone through a lot in his life. And yet Jason keeps such a youthful spirit about him and he literally walks around smiling to greet the world. Jason is someone who I feel honored to know and I am so happy to have him in my life. Jason, thank you so much for being the rockstar man that you are. Thank you so much for making me happy all the time and for bringing joy and beautiful creations to this world. Thank you for being you πŸ™‚

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