#154. April 25th, 2013: Vinni Brown

About 3,000 miles away from me right now, in the wonderful city of San Diego, California, there is a woman named Vinni Brown, and it’s her birthday today! Vinni is one of the strongest women I have ever met. Armed with her natural beauty and a fantastic smile, Vinni is also one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met, giving everything she has for those around her. To be more specific, never have a met a woman who cares more and dedicates herself more to the benefit of her sons. She executes her passions and skills in life, all while providing for her superb family. Vinni is seriously a phenomenal human being. To my knowledge, she is at just about every play or sporting event that Hunter, Grant or Harrison are taking part in and she is always the biggest supporter in the crowd. She is an honest and trustworthy individual, someone who will tell you how it is when it’s needed and someone who will compliment you when you deserve. Vinni never ever fails to make you feel welcomed. She is always willing to make you happy and feel comfortable and for that I am so thankful 🙂 I can remember countless times in her old house when I would come over and she would end up showing me some of her newest designs that she’d made, or I’d end up playing card games with Hunter, herself, and the grandparents! Her home was always so welcoming and warm and I am so happy that I could experience that. Vinni is also someone who I admire dearly in regard to her tenacious spirit and ability to continue through every situation handed to her. Vinni always has a positive outlook on things and is always trying to do what is best for her kids and I am so in awe of that effort and dedication. She’s basically Wonder Woman in disguise so no one say anything 🙂 Anyway, Vinni, thank you so much for welcoming me into family these past few years and for all of the small and wonderful moments I’ve been able to share with you, Hunter, and the rest of the family! Thank you for the unconditional support through everything I have ever done, and thank you for always asking how things are going in my life when I talk with you! It means more than you know. Thank you so much for being the beautiful and remarkable mother and role model that you are! You are such an inspiring soul and I know I am not the only one who thinks that! Thank you for raising some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. Grant, Harrison and Hunter are all spectacular, both in terms of their talent and their character. Thank you so much for staying strong and staying happy and thank you so much for leading by example with everything in your life. Thank you so much for teaching me the true definition of care, commitment, and love and thank you so much for being in my life! Thank you so much for being you 🙂 For all of that, Vinni, I thank you 🙂

1 thought on “#154. April 25th, 2013: Vinni Brown

  1. Thank you so much for this remarkable post! What you do with your words should inspire us all to just take a moment to thank those around us…maybe gratitude is the secret to a happy and fulfilling life. 🙂

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