#153. April 24th, 2013: Matt Ferrer

Oh you do Brian, you REALLY do! Yes, Matt and I have a bunch of inside jokes, and I love it 🙂 Matt is an awesome human being who is genuine with his words and actions. He cares about everyone in his life and he puts in quality effort to his friendships, something that can be rare at times in life. Matt is also quite hilarious, as he always found ways to make me laugh on or off the volleyball court. From Dark Knight references to just making fun of any situation, Matt and I could laugh for hours on end and that’s fantastic 🙂 In regard to volleyball, Matt is unbelievably determined to always be better, and he’s crazy dedicated to the game and to helping his team. He was always someone I could count on to make me smile and to make me feel better when I didn’t play too well. He always has something kind and compassionate to say. Matt, you are just an all-around rockstar. Also I should mention that Matt is incredibly intelligent and he deserves to be recognized for that. AP Psych class was so so so much fun with him and and the rest of the gang. Anyway, thank you so much Matt for being such a quality man and such a great guy to be around. Thank you for the phenomenal memories from high school and thank you for the check in texts! Thank you for being who you are and for being so understanding and supportive of not only me, but also those around you. Thank you for being in my life! For all of that, Matt, I thank you 🙂

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