#151. April 22nd, 2013: Roma Shah

Being on House Staff this year has been one of the most transformative and beautiful experiences of my life, and I would not be saying that were it not for the one and only Roma Shah. Roma was my House Staff last year, and she hands down changed my life. Right from the start she was there for me, offering us cookies and milk, late night conversations, and just overall comfort. I can remember many, many instances where I was in her room talking with her about how hectic my schedule was and what I really wanted to be doing and she was always able to help me put things in perspective and calm me down. She even had me make a time table once and that helped 🙂 Roma is just such a giving person. She gave us her time, her patience, and her love all year long and I honestly mean it when I say that she is the number factor that I am doing House Staff this year and that I am loving this university. She is absolutely beautiful, has a wonderful laugh and a spectacular personality, and can make anyone and everyone feel welcome 🙂 She is such a great friend and I am so pleased to have her in my life! 🙂 It was super hard having her abroad in the fall though, but now that she’s back life is good 🙂 Roma, thank you so much for being the incredible young woman that you are! Thank you so much for all of your support last year and for always being there for me! Thank you for making me happy and feel appreciated. Thank you for being such a phenomenal human being and for getting an A+ at life 😀 You really are so wonderful and you deserve to hear that so much more! Thank you for being you, you intelligent and compassionate bundle of happiness 😀 Thank you so much 😀

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