#137. April 8th, 2013: Mr. Stiven

When you walk into his classroom, you’re bound to find a plethora of flags from around the world, copious amounts of rich historical objects, and of course, edible extra credit 🙂 Mr. Stiven is another one of the best teachers at CCA, and I am so thankful that I got to have him as a teacher and that I got to work with him on the incredible TEDxYouth@SanDiego. Stiven is one of those quirky men who is unbelievably intelligent, hilarious, and a phenomenal teacher and mentor. He has this wonderful way of keeping you engaged and involved while you learn, as he doesn’t just lecture. He is also one of those people who can outwit you extremely easily and he can use his knowledge and humor together in incredible ways 🙂 Stiven is seriously a fantastic human being. During sophomore year when I had him, he was always so open and willing to converse with us as a class and he helped us grow as individuals and not just students. He truly cares about the quality of the education that he’s giving and he cares about each person in the classroom. When the time came for us to work on TEDxYouth together, I was super excited 🙂 Stiven completely threw himself into the mix without any prior experience (like the rest of us, yikes!) and yet rocked it out of the park. He’s been involved with the event since the start and of course now he’s got incredible new projects going on as well 🙂 While planning the event, Stiven welcomed the idea of students and teachers working together and he was always willing to learn from us as we learned from him. He has been such a fantastic mentor and resource in my life and I am so appreciative of that. As we spoke on the phone today, I told him that he has inspired and positively influenced so many students that have left CCA, and that his legacy lives outside of his classroom. Also, I would like to point out how great of a dad he is and that his son is super lucky to have him as a father 🙂 Stiven, thank you so much for being a role model in my life since the minute I met you and for being there when many of us needed you. Thank you so much for your teaching style and your Disneyland class 🙂 Thank you so much being such a huge part of the youth event and thank you so much for helping when it is nowhere in your job description. Thank you so much for all of the laughs and memories and thank you so much for inspiring me and for always being so supportive and encouraging of my endeavors and challenges. You seriously are an exquisite man and CCA and this planet are lucky to have you. Thank you so much for being you, Mr Stiven! 🙂 Also, infrastructure 🙂

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