#135. April 6th, 2013: Today’s Taxi Driver!

I left Michigan this morning at around 6 AM, but the cab driver was late to take us to our bus. So Maggie, being the incredible host that she is :), called quickly for another driver and the cab showed up in mere minutes. When we got into the cab, the driver greeted us with the biggest smile and was incredibly nice! As we drove off, he told the walkie-talkie “on the road.” The person then said back to him, “Thanks so much! You’re good!” and then he responded with “You’re better” and it was honestly just the coolest exchange ever with the woman on the other line. It was such a small experience and we were literally in the cab for about 4 minutes flat, but it made my day. Thank you so much to our cab driver this morning 🙂 You were awesome, you got us to the bus on time, magically, and you made our day 🙂

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