#134. April 5th, 2013: The TEDxUofM Team :)

Wow, my brain hurts. But it’s the hurt after you work out, that sore feeling when you’ve stretched your mind in new ways, realized new perspectives, and tapped into uncharted potential of YOU. It’s the BEST feeling in the world, and I feel this way because of the incredible work put in by the remarkable, and large, TEDxUofM team. Even as a TEDx Organizer myself, it’s ridiculous to imagine the effort they put forth to make today so unbelievable. It’s the long meetings they’ve had, the rush orders made in the past weeks, the hundreds of emails sent, the behind the scenes work that no one gives credit to; all of this culminating together to make not a great event, but a great experience. Today was beautiful. It was diverse, new, uncomfortable, warm, sad, happy, honest, and inspiring. Seriously though, today was so well curated, so well put together, and so well organized that I have to say thank you a million times over. I learned so much, questioned even more, and was literally jumping in my seat and squealing like usual in that theatre. And do NOT even get me started on that theatre. That venue was gorgeous and it was perfect for a TEDx event. It was intimate, the speakers were vulnerable to the audience, the audience was vulnerable to the speakers. We also weren’t just attendees, we were participants, teammates. The TEDxUofM team made us part of the day, in very big and creative ways. From their labs to their TEDx Swag shop. From their interactive exhibits to the red doors outside when we first entered. Everything connected. Today was a giant puzzle and the pieces were not only put together by the end of the day, but they were put together by everyone there. And honestly, the best part is that one piece was missing throughout the day. That piece is the commitment part on our end. It’s the notion that we as participants will leave today and look deeper within ourselves and others and our environment for that untapped potential and those untold stories. It’s the piece of the puzzle called action, and it’s the most important piece of all. Anyway, to the TEDxUofM team, I say thank you so very much for making this trip up here so wonderful. Thank you so much for giving me a break from the day to day, and time for me to relax my mind but also challenge the unused parts of my brain. Thank you so much for making me smile 🙂

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