#133. April 4th, 2013: Box Office Woman :)

Today has been an INSANE day. I’ve been running around all day with no breaks, am currently at the airport, and ate my first item of the day about 2 hours ago. One woman, however, managed to make my day slow down and become brighter with just a 5 minute encounter. With an hour left before my shuttle coming, I was at a theatre on our campus trying to turn in an application (being vague on purpose 🙂 ) for something and was stressing big time. The woman at the box office had the sweetest smile and the most calming voice and immediately made me relax when I came to the window. She not only helped me with my questions, but she also called down to a woman I could meet with, and then walked me to that woman’s office herself. Even the woman I met with, Cassandra, said that she could have just pointed me in the right direction. Anyway, this box office woman – I couldn’t catch her name – made today a lot better. She made me smile, and she made me breathe and realize the beauty of today. Thank you so much to her for being awesome 🙂

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