#131. April 2nd, 2013: Michael Kessler

There are some people in this world who just strike you in a very powerful way when you meet and get to know them. During freshmen year I was at the student org fair and saw a tall guy handing out flyers for an org. I remember now when he handed it to me I saw the infinity sign tattoo on his wrist. I loved it! From then on, our relationship got better and better and I can honestly say that Michael Kessler is one of the most influential and role model figures in my life. Michael is incredibly intelligent, sincere, compassionate, and genuine. His integrity and morals are absolutely astounding and he has the ability to capture a room and a conversation instantly. He is a listener, someone who actually cares about what you have to say. He’s a mentor, and he’s been one for me since the day I met him. He’s an inspiration to me and so many other people across this campus and beyond. As a Human Services major, I am honestly blessed to have him in the major as well, not just for class advice as what happened that one night 🙂 but also as someone I can sit and talk about the world with. I can tell him my plans, my ideas, and I can listen to his grand schemes as well. The ability to do that with another human being is something I cherish so deeply and I cannot thank Michael enough for that. Michael is undeniably one of the most respected men on campus and he respects himself and his values to no end. He is one of the strongest men I have ever met and is a straight up beacon of light in the gay community as well as the human population. Also, never have I met someone so dedicated and devoted to changing the world and specifically to helping the mental health issues of the world. Michael is the guy who I see and sit next to in Starbucks on Friday nights. He’s the man who I look up to every day and he’s the guy on this campus who everyone loves and thinks is the sweetest thing. Michael is also extremely humble and modest with how much he does in this world and the quality that comes with it. When it comes down to it, Michael is one of the best guys I’ve ever known and my respect and admiration only grows for him everyday. Michael, thank you so much for being in my life and for being the incredible human being that you are. Thank you so much for your help with everything from Allied to classes 🙂 Thank you so much for being there when I need you and thank you for being there tonight for me to thank in person on the spot 🙂 Thank you so much for caring so deeply about the people on this earth and for being such a beautiful person, inside and out. Thank you so much for being you 🙂 For all of that, Michael, I thank you 🙂

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