#129. March 31st, 2013: Josh Bright

I sometimes have moments when I meet someone and know instantly that they are beautiful, inspiring individuals. That’s what happened when I met Josh Bright. If his last name doesn’t explain it well enough, Josh really is just a shining face of joy and wonder. He can make you smile and laugh by just being around you and he honestly has no trouble complimenting others and making everyone feel welcome and appreciated. Josh is also one of those people who makes you think. He doesn’t settle, and he stands up for what he believes in. He represents integrity, friendship, kindness, and intelligence. Josh is honestly quite a superstar 🙂 I vividly remember a special moment we had during my senior year of high school at Challenge Day. The day had just ended and everyone was in this mood of inspiration, humility, and respect. I went up to Josh and basically told him that he is an incredible role model and that CCA is lucky to have him and that he should continue to be that example on campus. Josh has done that and more in the years since. He is a fantastic leader and inspiration to so many people and I am so honored to be his friend. Josh, you seriously are such a unique and phenomenal human being and everyone is so proud of you 🙂 Josh, thank you so much for being the remarkable man that you are today. Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful day on Challenge Day and for being honest and open with us all. Thank you so much for grabbing coffee when I was home and thank you so much for being such a smiling face 🙂 Thank you so much for being who you are, 100% of the time, and for owning life. Thank you so much for being proud and confident. For all of that, Josh, I thank you 🙂

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