#127. March 29th, 2013: Tammy from the Apple Store

Today I went to the Apple Store with Kayla to help her with her errands but when we got there I thought I would try and fix some things on my phone. I found a woman named Tammy and she was checking people in for appointments. During a free moment, however, she answered one of my questions. Which turned into 2 questions. Then 5. And she eventually helped me completely with my computer out and my coat and things sprawled everywhere 🙂 She in no way had to help me since I had no appointment and what I was asking probably required three, but she did and she not only fixed my phone but she made my day 🙂 Tammy, thank you so much for being so helpful and smiley and dealing with my ridiculous self. Thank you so much for making today great 🙂

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