#126. March 28th, 2013: Jackie Lombard

Jackie-Jack-Jacksterrrr! 😀 Jackie is a wonderful human being and if I may, I would like to describe my favorite memory of her. It was a lovely school day and suddenly at lunch I became aware of a quidditch match going on. Yes folks, quidditch. Anyway, the best part was that as I was walking, a gold blur ran past me and I realized right then that Jackie Lombard was in a gold tight suit and was running around as the golden snitch 🙂 Jackie is seriously stupendous. Never have I heard anything mean or judgmental come out of her mouth. She is always so kind and compassionate with others and is an all-around role model for many. On the soccer field she was always a beast and off the field she demonstrates the same integrity and passion for life in general. She’s also just a beautiful young woman who I miss very much 🙂 I really miss the brunches we had with Maggie and Michael because they really are so fun 😀 Anyway, Jackie, thank you so much for being the incredible person that you are and thank you so much for always living your life with such ambition, excitement, and courage. Thank you so much for making me smile when I’ve needed it and for having the most beautiful smile ever! Thank you so much for being in my life and thank you for being you 🙂

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