#125. March 27th, 2013: Front Desk Woman in Gelman

Today has been a very, very long day. I left our library this morning at 7 AM and was able to snag about 45 minutes of sleep before starting a very jam packed day filled with class, Jumpstart, and meetings which aren’t over until past midnight tonight. Anyway, throughout the night while I was writing my paper and doing other assignments, this woman who works at Gelman would come into our room periodically and check in on us. She would come in and say hi and ask how things were going and when it hit the early hours of the morning she wished us a good morning. Her actions were so subtle but I cannot explain how much they motivated me to continue and how a smile last night meant so much 🙂 Thank you to her for easing the workload last night and for helping in such a small but big way 😀

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