#124. March 26th, 2013: The Supporters

Today was a truly remarkable day. With Prop 8 finally in the hands of the Supreme Court, tons and tons of people went down to today to throw their hands and voices up in support of gay marriage. Seeing all of the photos from the day and so many faces that I know and love down there was truly inspiring and such a beautiful feeling. Facebook completely blew up with an overwhelming amount of support, something that I have never seen before. With DOMA tomorrow, right now is an exciting time and I honestly feel so thankful and appreciative to be here in DC right now and to be a proud gay man. With that, thank you so so much to everyone who went to the SCOTUS today and showed their support and love. Thank you all so much for making a stand and for doing even the smallest things to add to the growing community of supporters. Thank you so much for making me feel loved, welcomed, and accepted. I’m excited for the future 🙂

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