#123. March 25th, 2013: Emily Pierce

Emily Pierce is the real deal. She’s absolutely gorgeous, a dedicated DG (yes, I am doing the sign right now 🙂 ), and a friend that you can trust for the rest of your life. When I was in high school, Emily was that person who I would see walking in the quad and then suddenly I would smile and get happy and just want to give her a big big hug 🙂 Emily is one of the best huggers in the world. She has a superb personality and a beautiful smile that just ahhh it makes you feel so warm and loved. She has a dedication to her friends that is unbelievably inspiring and it makes you want to be a better friend and just be a better human being in general. She is one of the most generous people I have ever met as well, and don’t even get me started on her hospitality. On Prom night, she welcomed a bunch of us over to her stunning house to get ready and take loads of pictures and the beauty and environment of the house resembles exactly how Emily is. She is intelligent, mature, goofy at times, and always lives her life to her truest and best potential. Also, she has the most contagious laugh you’ve ever heard! Emily, you’re the best 🙂 Thank you so much for being in my life for all these years and for being such a great friend. Thank you for being so supportive and so compassionate, 100% of the time, and thank you so much for leading such a great life. I’m so happy that YOU’RE happy over there in TEXASSSS and I am so glad I could see you at In N Out over break 🙂 Emily, for all of this, I thank you 😀

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