#107. March 9th, 2013: Janice in Tennessee :)

So I’m currently about 7 hours into my 22 hour drive to New Orleans and we just stopped for a bathroom break at a really cute tourism place in Tennessee! 🙂 Walking in, I could tell that the woman at the front desk was super nice, so after going to the bathroom, I went over to meet her and ask her a few questions. Within seconds I was hooked on her unbelievable charm, kindness, and super cool accent! “Welcome to Tennessee!” She told me and I squealed because I didn’t know we were here in Tennessee! She introduced herself as Janice and she started showing me all these cool brochures and then asked what we were going to NOLA for. When I told her about our service, she was so sweet and said we deserve a blessing for what we’re going. She was just so smiley and compassionate 🙂 I told her he was today’s thank you post and she thought it was sweet 🙂 After I thanked her again and left, she actually came outside and have me more booklets that he called the special ones 🙂 Janice, thank you so much for being so hospitable for the literally 5 minutes I’ve known you. I may never ever see you again in my life, but I’m glad I could tell you how you’ve made my day and that you’re awesome 🙂 Thank you again Janice! 🙂

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