#105. March 7th, 2013: Man at Jamba Juice

This morning I was walking to the preschool that I intern at and it was cold and windy. VERY cold and windy. So much so that I really couldn’t get the stubborn door open at Jamba Juice. A man inside noticed me coming and right as I reached for the door he yanked it open and had a big smile on his face as he said, “Here ya go!” It was something so small and so unbelievably awesome at the same time. As I left I actually looked back at him in the store and said “Thank you again!” and he smiled again and with a meaningful chuckle he looked back and said “You’re SO welcome, man!” With that I was out the door and on my way and I am just so appreciative of his little act of kindness. Thank you Mr. Man in Jamba! You rock! 🙂

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