#104. March 6th, 2013: Elizabeth Fisher

ELizabeth is yet another incredible and beautiful young woman that I have known since around the age of 5. That’s crazy to think about! We’ve literally been around each other almost our entire lives! It’s so weird to think about but it’s something I am so thankful for 🙂 Elizabeth is truly a remarkable and wonderful person to have in your life. Aside from having an excellent sense of humor and a fantastic laugh and smile, Elizabeth is someone who will genuinely make you happy when you’re around her. I just had the memory pop up into my head of running into her on the beach in Del Mar and it immediately makes me smile because I seriously think she is just such a fun person to be around! She has such a warm and generous personality and her smile and energy is so contagious. She always has something nice to say to someone and even upon calling her tonight I was not surprisingly met with a chipper attitude and loving voice on the other end of the call 🙂 She really does care about those in her life and she is someone who I know will always be in mine. I can’t explain how much I appreciate the fact that I can just pick up the phone and call her and catch up so easily 🙂 Even though we went to different high schools I still consider such a good friend and an amazing human being. Elizabeth, thank you so much for being in my life and for filling it with such awesome memories over the years. Thank you so much for having such a humble and happy demeanor and for being the superb person that you are, 100% of the time. Thank you so much for making me happy and for being a role model in my life and those of many others 🙂 For all of that, Elizabeth, I thank you 🙂

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