#101. March 3rd, 2013: Drew Dudley

Never have I met a man with more wisdom, modesty, and honesty than I have with Drew Dudley. He was our closing speaker today for TEDxFoggyBottom and he absolutely nailed it πŸ™‚ Drew is seriously one of the most generous and kind men that I’ve ever met. He worked with us around our budget and still made it out here to speak despite flight troubles. He showed up brimming with excitement and in turn it made me even more excited! One of my favorite parts about today was actually being backstage with him before his talk and just talking with him. He told me a bunch of stories and it just illustrated how human and humble he is. It was just so incredible for me to be around such a phenomenal guy when a few months ago I only knew him through his TED Talk on TED.com. After a tweet, there came an email and then here he was today. Ahh! I know this post must be so fragmented but it’s just because I’m still in awe of his talk, the entire event, and my lack of sleep πŸ™‚ In regard to his talk, however, he really did do such a fantastic job πŸ™‚ He spoke with such passion, truth, experience, and humility. He truly is such a well-rounded guy and such a fun person to be around! One thing he told me that stood out was this. He said that talks aren’t necessarily meant to make you say, “Hey, I didn’t know that!” but instead, they are meant to make you say “Wow, I thought I was the only one who thought that, but now I don’t” AND WHEN HE SAID THAT I WAS STRUCK with his awesomeness and that’s just the beginning πŸ™‚ Honestly though, Drew was absolutely incredible and I cannot thank him enough for being there today and for closing our event in such a motivational and fundamental way. Drew, thank you so much for being here today. Thank you so much for cooperating with our craziness over the past few months and for helping me when I sure needed it. Thank you so much for being such an approachable and welcoming person and for bringing a smile to my face the instant I saw you walk in the top of the theatre πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for everything you said today (even if you forgot πŸ™‚ ) and thank you so much for sharing what you did πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for being such a giving and marvelous human being. Thank you so much for being a role model in my life and for opening up the definitions of such key words that many of us, including myself, don’t have clearly defined. These posts aren’t about who has been in my life the longest, but instead about who has played a big impact in my life, no matter how brief. Drew, you were here today for just a few hours and you have opened up a different view of the world for me and I know you’ve done the same for everyone else in that theatre. Thank you so much again for everything πŸ™‚

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