#94. February 24th, 2013: Lady in RadioShack

Today, after about 45 minutes of sleep last night but a fun night with the Cabinet nonetheless, I had to go back to Home Depot for some supplies for TEDxFoggyBottom. Before going there, however, we went across the parking lot to RadioShack to grab a few adaptors for TEDxFoBo as well. While looking around in the store, I noticed that the song Birthday Cake by Rihanna was playing from their sound system. Naturally, I started to bop around and move because it’s so catchy and you just have to do so if you’re going to enjoy life. While doing so, I caught the eye of a woman in the store and she smiled at me and I smiled back. She then said something around the lines of “You like this song, honey?” and I replied with “Oh yea I do!” We then both started to bop around for a bit and it was just a fantastic time. After the song ended we spoke for a bit and she just told me how she doesn’t think her weight defines her and that when she goes out dancing the moves just come out of her without her control! She was the cutest and nicest woman ever! She even at one point described herself as Beyoncé when she is in the club 🙂 She has this sassy and proud attitude and it was awesome! She was a stranger at first but then after just a quick interaction she was a great interaction that made my day! 😀 Thank you to her for being a beautiful and wonderful woman!

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