#89. February 19th, 2013: Terry from Panera Bread!

Today was yet another example of random acts of kindness and wonderful people in this big big world! 😀 While walking to my internship/service site this morning (Jumpstart), I was carrying a few posters that I had made for an activity for the 4 year olds that I work with. Just as I started walking, it started to rain a combination of ice and water. Within minutes the poster paper started getting wet and I knew I had to think of something. I decided to go into a nearby store of some sort and ask if I can have a trash bag to then thrown the posters in and walk with. The first place I came upon was Panera right near Dupont Circle and so I went in. It was extremely busy and I spent a few minutes just trying to find someone to ask who wasn’t super busy. Just when I was about to leave to find another coffee shop, a woman named Terry appeared and I quickly got her attention. “Excuse me, would it be possible to get a trash bag to carry these posters in to keep them from the rain?” I said. After asking again because it was so loud in there, she came around the counter with a big smile on her face and said, “Honey, anything in life is possible.” She grabbed me a trash bag and handed it to me with an even bigger smile. I thanked her for her help and told her that she made my morning! She was so sweet! The funniest part? She then said to me, “You should write about me!” I looked at her said, “I absolutely will :)” With that, I thanked her again and went on my way to make it to the pre school in time. Terry, thank you so much for your wonderful attitude in such a hectic time and place. Thank you so much for helping without hesitation, even if it was just for a simple trash bag. Thank you for being such a kind individual and for making me smile 🙂

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