#88. February 18th, 2013: Al from Home Depot

Today was one heck of an adventure. I went to Home Depot this morning in order to buy a ton of wood planks and paint so that I could make a 6 foot “X” for TEDxFoggyBottom. The issue was that we (Kayla and Justin came too) didn’t know how we were going to go about this. When we got to Home Depot, we asked a bunch of people for help with finding foam boards because we thought the wood was too heavy and expensive. No one was really that helpful, in fact we almost just left because we couldn’t figure out where things were or how to make the “X.” But, just when we were going to stop asking people for help, we came across a man named Al and asked for his help. Boom. He has immediately hooked and asked us about the project and walked us over to some wood planks. He then spent 20 minutes with us to prop the wood up so we could visualize the construction of it and told us exactly what we needed and how it could work. I can honestly say that we wouldn’t have known how to make it without his help today and he was such a nice man in general. Al, thank you so much for your help today! Thank you for giving us fantastic customer service and for being genuinely interested in helping us create our dream for the event 🙂

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