#85. February 15th, 2013: Nathan Miner

I have known Nathan since around 5th grade and I can tell you that I have always appreciated our friendship since we met 🙂 Nathan is one of those quality friends that you have in your life who you can always count on, who you can always have fun with, and who you can always trust. Throughout our lives, I have always been able to talk with Nathan about anything. He’s a fantastic listener and just an overall big supporter of all that you are 🙂 I still remember countless basketball games at Jack’s house or us playing some sort of video game there. I can also remember us playing soccer together wayyyy back 🙂 Nathan is just an absolute wonderful human being and I am so pleased to have him in my life. Growing up, I knew he’d be one of those friends to keep and I knew he would be someone that you can always just call up and catch up with. And that’s exactly what happened this evening 🙂 Nathan, thank you so much for being the genuine, sweet, and smiley guy that you are. Thank you so much for being my friend over the years and for always being so supportive about literally everything I have ever done. Thank you so much for picking me up when I’ve been down and thank you much for being such a great friend to myself and to others. Thank you for having such a fantastic family and thank you for always knowing how to make me smile 🙂 I’m so happy that YOU’RE happy back at SLO and I’m just so thankful we’re friends! For all of that, Nathan, I thank you 🙂

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