#74. February 4th, 2013: Natalie Allen

Natalie Allen is truly one of a kind. Never before have I met someone so quirky and talented and so uniquely beautiful. Natalie is someone who can always make you think differently about something. Ever since I met her she has always challenged me to think outside of the box. It’s as if she is a never-ending flow of creativity and I absolutely love it 🙂 Natalie seriously has an incredibly imaginative mind and it’s because of her great ideas and fantastical self that she is such an amazingly genuine and fun and exciting human being. She is someone you love to be around she’s someone who can always cheer you up! Natalie also has quite a unique smile. I don’t know how to describe it but when she smiles it’s like this magical sense that takes over you and forces you to smile with her! 🙂 It’s great. Natalie is truly such a phenomenal individual and after talking with her tonight I am happy to report that she is having a blast up there in Portland 🙂 Natalie, thank you so much for talking tonight and for being in my life. Thank you so much for being so complex and so lovely to be friends with. Thank you so much for bringing such incredible ideas to our TEDx event and for just being who you are, 110% of the time. Thank you so much for being so caring and compassionate to those in your life and thank you so much for making this world, and CCA especially, a better and more welcoming place 🙂 For all of that, Natalie, I thank you 🙂

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