#63. January 24th, 2013: Tracy McDowell

If you’re looking for a pretty young woman who is incredibly spunky, quirky, and absolutely beautiful, then I’d like to introduce you to Ms. Tracy McDowell 🙂 Tracy is honestly one of the most incredibly strange people that I know but in the absolute best way possible! It’s true! She has this mystery about her that I 100% love and yet she is so open and friendly to everyone she meets. Tracy can make you laugh with just about anything that she says and her laugh itself is extremely contagious. On top of this, Tracy has one of the most charming smiles you’ll ever see and with this complete recipe, you’re bound to have a good time 🙂 Tracy is seriously someone who is SO much fun to be around and she always knows how to cheer you up. On another note, she is also a fantastic listener and is incredibly caring and loving to her friends and to be honest, strangers too! 🙂 Tracy is the girl that will stop and point out how beautiful the clouds look. She’s the type of girl that will make a complete goof of herself if it means making someone else happy. Tracy is a very giving individual. She’s always looking for ways to help people and to explore new hobbies and interests. She’s really a very unique person and I am so unbelievably thankful to call her my friend. I still remember sitting there in Hayden’s math class with her as we used all of our code food words to talk about things 🙂 Tracy, I have had so many fun and intriguing times with you. Thank you so much for making timeless memories with me and for always being there to bring a smile to my face and for making me so happy when I see you! Thank you for being your cute, lovable, cuddly, bubbly, goofball self and thank you for living your life the way YOU want to. Thank you for listening to me over the years and for never leaving my side. Thank you for being such a shining star in a sky that can sometimes be so dark and thank you so much for being the amazing friend that you are to myself and others. Thank you for being YOU. For all of that, Tracy, I thank you 🙂

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