#50. January 11th, 2013: Michael Villasenor

When there’s something broken, in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call… Michael Villasenor! šŸ™‚ But actually, Michael is the guy that can fix just about anything; especially computers. In ASB at CCA, everyone knew they could count on him to be there if something went wrong. On top of this, he singlehandedly put together the new CCA ASB website and it’s still what we use today. He seriously is an absolute rockstar. Michael is honestly one of the most hardworking individuals that I know. If you give him a task, he will do it as quickly as he can but with exceptional quality. He never ever gives up and always follows through. Michael is also incredibly kind and genuine. When you walked into the ASB room, you could always expect a smile from him, however, sometimes you might not get one because he’s probably looking at his computer screen šŸ™‚ Michael really is a dedicated and phenomenal human being though. He has the sweetest demeanor and always means well with his actions. I would also like to point out how happy I am that he is loving college. If there’s anyone that deserved to go off and have a great first semester, it was Michael and after catching up with him tonight, it sounds like he’s loving it up there in Washington šŸ™‚ Anyway, Michael, thank you so much for being in my life and for being a face I always looked forward to seeing in class and around campus. Thank you for understanding my humor (we definitely have a similar sense of humor) and for being a positive light in the class. Thank you for your integrity and for sticking true to your morals at all times. I remember talking to you about a predicament once (Disney one) and you were so mature about it when you could have reacted very poorly. Also, thank you so much for just being such a quality man and for being my friend. For all of that, Michael, I thank you šŸ™‚

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