#48. January 9th, 2013: Today’s Flight Attendant

Today’s travel was rough. Relatively nothing went smoothly and basically all of it was stressful, but there was a wonderful flight attendant on my flight from LA to DC that made my day with just the smallest act šŸ™‚ First off, when I got on the plane, she gave me a very warm welcome as they always do, however, this one felt different. She just seemed so genuine and meaningful with it and I loved it. She also reminded me of Ellen Degeneres which was awesome. Anyway, when I sat down, I told her that I had my pea coat and if there was space I would love to hang it up somewhere but that if there wasn’t space, then no worries at all (after all it’s just a coat). She immediately took it upon herself to find a place for it and after about 10 minutes and right before take off, she came back to me and said that it was in the front of the plane on the left side right before I exit. I gave her a big thank you and a smile and thought that was the end of it, but it wasn’t… After we had landed and as we were rolling up to our gate, she brought my coat back to me and mentioned how she didn’t want me to forget it. To me, this was so nice of her. She didn’t have to bring it back to me at all, but she did and I just thought she was so awesome for doing so. As I was leaving the plane I thanked her again for it and our smiles just connected. It was such a simple act during my day, however, I feel that she easily warranted a thank you. She’s fantastic and she made my day. Thank you so much!!!!! šŸ™‚

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