#46. January 7th, 2013: Stacy Buell

It’s the night before the Alt Breaks Ball and a young enthusiastic woman comes to my room and downs an entire smoothie while dancing around to Thrift Shop by Macklemore. This, my friends, is Stacy Buell. She’s spunky. She’s eccentric. She’s beautiful. She’s incredibly intelligent. She has phenomenal locks of hair. She had a smile that makes you want to hug her immediately. She has such a warm heart and personality. She can make you laugh about anything and everything. And she has the absolute best dance moves to… certain songs that played in HS training 🙂 Stacy is truly a remarkable human being. I knew of her last year and always thought, “Wow! She’s so cool and awesome and exciting!” And then I finally officially met her this year and I am so lucky to have her as friend 🙂 Stacy, you really are a joy to have in life. You are unbelievably quirky and so much fun to be around 🙂 You are soooo involved at GW and give your best with everything that you do. You are literally always there for your friends and always demonstrate unconditional love and care and compassion. You have helped me personally in so many ways and I cannot thank you enough for that 🙂 You are such a happy and joyful soul that everyone loves and I just Ahhh! I freak out and smile when I think or talk about you to people 🙂 Anyway, thank you so much for being the one and only Stacy Buell. Thank you for having a phenomenal sense of style and the absolute best personality ever! Thank you for making others laugh and smile when they need it and thank you for bringing happiness and joy to the world around you 🙂 Thank you for always being so supportive and thoughtful and for being the best House Staff evahhhhh! Your rezzies are lucky to have you 🙂 Thank you for owning life and making each day a fun one. For all of that, Stacy, I thank you 🙂

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